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Blade & Soul: Unused Potential in the Game
Started April 9, 2016 @ 6:31am by Boser
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Blade & Soul: Unused Potential in the GameApril 9, 2016 @ 6:31am
Don't get me wrong, it's not about lag, stutter, gameguard, hackers, bots or similar kind of problems, it's really about the game potential what it is and what it could have been.

I knew about blade and soul, i don't know how long, I never read about it, i just knew about it from lineage2 times, when the game was still popular and blade and soul was still in the making I try to make much Blade & Soul gold.

Now as the game was launched, everyone says pve is not the strong point, pvp is. But still despite everything, I find it mega lacking, despite it has everything to develop it. At first when i acquired blackram uniform, i thought- wow that's cool, would love to become blackram captain, andddd met like 3 bamboo players in my life...

.We have 4 faction uniforms, but only our main faction matters. Why can't there be events like "a week (or a weekend) of blackram vs bamboo event" that motivates people to wear that uniform. Maybe event where 24 people register from both factions. And try to do a pretty big, even bigger 24man, dungeon quests. Of course people could group up and run 24 people group "deathball", but the problem, monsters still have respawns, so deathball would be pretty slow and there is a chance to be ambushed by spin-to-win (or even minimize 2 parties vs 2 parties, cuz you know optimization and stuff).

.Or for example "tyrian cultists vs stratus empire event". Maybe make a battlefield area, were 2 people from both factions are promoted to captains and have stats boosted- and you become like a boss itself, and the winner decided by who kills who's captain first. But it wouldn't be just zerg the captain. There would be requirement and buffs that require your faction to split up and eventually end up fightning in small skirmishes.

.Or "skyhaven resistance force vs talus dominion", where you must capture points/retake them/capture again.

.as much as i have heard we will get a battlefield 6 x 6, so at least that perhaps will make things more fun.

.also I don't understand why faction rewards are not somehow adjusted to the faction population in specific place for specific time. Now a lot of servers are split strongly into one side, I understand that a lot of games have unequal faction populations in servers, but there is a difference when, there is almost no reason to join a lower populated factions now- you just get "zerged" everywhere, if crimsons are dominating a server, maybe rise the rewards for cerulean- what that could potentially do is stronger guilds change into opposite faction and actually give some kind of resistance. Why not to remove penalty switching from stronger populated faction to lower populated faction. For example in my (EU) server crimson to cerulean rate feels like ~5 to 1. Don't know when the faction concept was thought, was this intended?

I do realize, nothing will be/can be done, but I just feel for a game that is not new, the content is incredibly lacking even if the strong point supposed to be PVP, I did 100 yeti runs, 100 lair runs, 35 necro runs, log in sometimes for pvp, (not going to soulstone plains, cuz meele + gameguard cutted my fps in half, have no idea why)- don't know about other people, but i find myself thinking, what can i do fun now. It's just my random thoughts, from nowhere.

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