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What is Cavity PCB?
Started January 8, 2021 @ 10:20am by xysoom
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What is Cavity PCB?January 8, 2021 @ 10:20am
What is Cavity PCB?

Defined as a hole (Cutouts ) in the PCB going from the outer copper layer to an inner copper layer, but not completely through the PCB.To get more news about Cavity PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.

The use of cavities in a PCB as a method to reduce the component height or to increase component clearances is a viable technology. SMT testing of the cavity boards assembled with the 0.4mm pitch BGA packages at multiple cavity depths has demonstrated that PCBs can be successfully paste printed, assembled, and re-flowed in the same multi-level processes with the existing equipment capability.
Cavities are required for antenna purposes as well component assembly in the following industries: Microwave, Telecommunications, and Automotive.

The ground wire should be as thick as possible. If it is possible, each layer of the PCB should be grounded as much as possible, and the ground should be connected to the main ground. More ground vias should be made to reduce the ground impedance as much as possible.

The power supply of the RF circuit should not be divided into planes as much as possible. The entire power plane not only increases the radiation of the power plane to the RF signal, but also is easily interfered by the RF signal. Therefore, the power cord or plane generally adopts a long strip shape and is processed according to the size of the current. It is as thick as possible under the premise of meeting the current capacity, but it cannot be widened without limit. When handling power lines, be sure to avoid loops.

The direction of the power line and the ground line must be parallel to the direction of the RF signal but not overlap. It is best to use a vertical cross where there is a cross.

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