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Conveyor Belt Manufacture
Started January 10, 2021 @ 4:07am by xysoom
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Conveyor Belt ManufactureJanuary 10, 2021 @ 4:07am
Conveyor Belt Manufacture

ll baking bands are tracked in-house prior to shipment, the same way we recommend the bands be installed in the field.Our Model One Control Rolls are installed on the conveyor at a distance of two to three times the width of the belt from the terminal roll.To get more news about conveyor belt mesh, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

The belt is mapped for true tracking and then split into manageable sections of either 25 or 50-foot lengths. The belt sections are sequentially numbered and rolled with the “bake side” (side in contact with product) out.The flattened wire surface of the CB5 Baking Band's tightly woven wire mesh offers excellent gas relief with good product support for all but the most fluid dough. The belt density of the CB5 Baking Band maintains even heating for uniform heat transfer to your product across the width of the conveyor belt.

The belt can be installed at either the discharge or the in-feed of your conveyor/oven, but when installing the belt into the discharge the belt must be fed off the BOTTOM of each roll into the return path of the conveyor/oven at the discharge. Conversely, when installing the belt into the in-feed, the belt must be fed off the TOP of each roll. This ensures that the “bake side” of the belt (the side that is in contact with the product) is consistent. Failure to install the belt sections in this manner will cause the belt to “bow” or “dog-leg” at the splice joints and develop excessive waver.

Ashworth guarantees the CB5 Baking Band® to track with a total waver not exceeding ¼-inch at either terminal end, and balanced weave belts with more open meshes to track with a total waver not exceeding 3/8-inch, under the following conditions:

Ashworth’s Model One Control Rolls are properly installed at a distance equal to two to three times the belt width prior to each terminal roll. Ashworth guarantees the total waver not to exceed 1⁄2-inch at either terminal end when Model Two controls are properly installed.

The belt sections are installed in sequential order as marked, with a consistent “bake side” as noted in installation section above, and verified by an Ashworth Factory Service Technician before running the belt.Tracking adjustments are completed and verified by an Ashworth Factory Service Technician.

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