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Coronavirus Information

 I know that everyone is staying inside, because of the Coronavirus that is very good to stop the spread of it. If you have to go outside to the store, please put on a mask. If you do not have a mask, please try and make one. We all have to do our part, to stop the spreading of this virus.

Try and take some addition vitamin C and D. Drink orange juice, eat some orange. Drink tart cherry juice and drink water. Take what you can to build up your immune system.

Do a search for 'Alkaline Diet' in Google and eat more of these fruits and vegetable. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetable. Take a multi-vitamin each day. Also drink ensure every day or every other day.


Cuba’s antiviral Recombinant Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec) is among the medicines chosen by China to treat the coronavirus ... Interestingly, Interferon has been in Cuba for 39 years; the country began the development of this protein with antiviral properties at the same time that the biotechnology industry was being invented in 1981...

The Cuban pharmaceutical industry is ready to treat thousands of potential COVID-19 patients on the island, according to Eduardo Martínez, president of the BioCubaFarma Business Group.

Martínez explained this Friday at a press conference that 22 drugs produced in Cuba are part of the protocol envisaged on the island to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, of which, he said, “we have for the treatment of thousands of people and we are preparing to significantly increase the production of those with less coverage.”

Cuba is currently going through one of the worst imposed blockades in 61 years, but it continues to give generously to humanity. Even under the burden of decades of hardships Cuba has never failed to offer assistance to Jamaica and other countries around the world during times of trials and uncertainty.

I implore the USA to lift the blockage now so people who need to trade with Cuba are not sanctioned and blacklisted. 


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