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January 2023
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Coronavirus Information

The following is a list of things that can be done to fight the Coronavirus:


Constantly wash your hands and do not put them in your face.

Gargle with salt water, every day. Salt kills germs in your throat. 

Keep your distance from other people.

Purchase some small packages of handy whips and carry them with you. If some one shakes your hand or you touch a door knob use it. 

Purchase some mask and plastic disposal gloves. Use them when you are in a crowd, or going the airport and or traveling on an airplane or train or bus. Protect yourself.

Also purchase Lysol disinfecting spray and Hand sanitizer.

Purchase a bottle of pH strips at a health food store or Wal-Mart or Amazon, use it to test yourself and see what your pH level is. The pH measurement is between 0-14. If it is below 7 that means your body is in an acidic state and if it is above 7 that means your body is in an alkaline state. When your body is in an acidic state that means it can get sick very easily and if it in an alkaline state you will not get sick. To get you body in an alkaline state you need to eat and alkaline diet and drink alkaline water. Google ‘Alkaline diet’ and you a list of alkaline foods. An alkaline diet also boosts your immune system.

Take the following things on a regular basis to boost your immune system: Vitamin C capsules, Echinacea capsules, Olive Leaf capsules, Elderberry syrup, Goldenseal, Nettle, Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Pears, Apples, Oranges, Orange Juice, Cherries, Cherry Tart Juice, Pomegranate, Pomegranate Juice, Guava, Guava Juice, Tangerines, Pineapples, sweet potato, Lemon, Lime, Honey, Coconut water and Apple Cider Vinegar.

First think in the morning, squeeze half or a whole lemon or Lime into a cup then pour hot water on it and drink it. The lemon or lime, turn the water into alkaline water.

Have three or four fruits for breakfast on an empty stomach. Suggested high alkaline fruits are watermelon, pear, apple and orange.

Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables like: Kale, Spinach, Turnip greens, Collar. green and Callaloo.

Eat a lot of salad with you lunch and dinner.

Always have DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu and Extra Strength Tylenol in your house, so that at the first sign of a Cold or Flu take them together.

If you have sinusitis which always drips and produces mucus in you lungs, take Clarington, Mucinex DM, Mullein and Afrin spray for you nostril.

Stop or reduce taking dairy products: milk, cheese, red meat, pork and chicken. They all are acidic foods and they give you mucus. Mucus can spread throughout the body and produce inflammation which causes arthritis, gout, bronchitis, Alzheimer’s and many other ailments.

Do the following to test yourself if you have the Coronavirus: Take a deep breath and hold it then count to ten. If you can not hold your breath for ten seconds you have the first stage of it. Also if you have a fever and constantly coughing, you should either call your doctor or the department of Health.


I know that everyone is staying at home because of the Coronavirus that is very good to stop the spread of it. If you have to go outside to the store, please put on a mask. If you do not have a mask, please try and make one. We all have to do our part, to stop the spreading of this virus.


Try and take some addition vitamin C and D. Drink orange juice, eat some orange. Drink tart cherry juice. Take what you can to build up your immune system.


Do a search for 'Alkaline Diet' in Google and eat more of these fruits and vegetable. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetable. Take a multi-vitamin each day. Also drink ensure every day of every other day.

You can also visit the following websites to get more information about the symptoms and what you should do if you have the symptoms:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC


Frequently Asked Questions   


You all have to continue educating our selves and do what we can do stay alive.

Please share this information

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