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Financial Information


Manage all you Finances Online with Quicken for $2.99 per Month


Get your Fico Credit Score 


Free Credit Report


Get your Equifax Credit Score^start=&companyName=1Q04_sp 


Equifax Web Site               


The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors



Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


Emigrant Direct Saving Account (Rate 5.05%)


High Rates Saving Accounts


The Legal Tool Box

(This Book is a simple guide containing tools small business

owners need to know from a legal standpoint)


Go Big Network

(Find Funding; Build a Plan & Post a Job)


Harper Business Services Inc.

(They Provide Business Software)


Federal deposit Insurance Corporation


Personal Loan


Lend or Borrow Money


Get a Credit Card without any Credit Check,

No job requires or No bank account needed

Instant Online Approvial (Credit limit up to $25,000) 



Tax Center


Internal Treasury Services


Investment Advisor 


Investment Advisor


Investment Advisor


Financial Times


The Street (Stock Information)


Big Charts


Pay Day Loan (Up to $1,500)


Get You Free Credit Score


The Simple, Smart Budgeting System ($7.90 per Mnth)


Personal Budgeting Software ($7.90 per Mnth)


Legal Zoom (Legal Document Service)

(All Legal Form & Service)


Provide Human Recourses Services for Small Companies 


Financial Planner  


6% on your Saving Account at

Alpine Online Direct Bank 



 Free Stock Picks Website


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)


List of Direct Markers


Vanguard Investment Funds


List of Vanguard Funds


Vanguard Star Fund


Do you need cash before next payday?

(Get up to $500 without and credit check)


Money Making opportunity 


Money Making Opportunity


Your 5-minute Guide to Credit Score


9 Ways to Build a Killer Credit Score


Build Wealth


Credit Score Information



For the sake of this exercise, FICO assumed both people had several active major credit cards as well as a mortgage, a car loan and student loans.

The person with the 780 score:

  • Has at least 10 credit accounts in total and a 15-year credit history.
  • Uses 15% to 25% of her credit card limits.
  • Has no late payments on her credit reports.
  • Has no collection accounts or other major negatives.

The person with the 680 score:

  • Has six credit accounts and an eight-year credit history.
  • Uses 40% to 50% of her credit card limits.
  • Was 90 days late on an account two years ago.
  • Was 30 days late on another account one year ago.

Here's what you need to know about each action and the effect it had:





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