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January 2023
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Put Prayer Back In Schools

I would like to ask all of you, what are some of the ideas and suggestions that you think, can be done to “Put Prayer Back in Schools?”


I think all churches and leaders needs to come together on this one issues and Demonstrate, Sign Petitions, March on Washington, etc…  

We need to save our children and our country.

This needs to be done by any means necessary. 

We do trust in God, so let’s put him back in our schools.

Whatever you can do please do it, write your Senators, Congressmen and Pastor. Let all politicians know that this is a Christian Nation, and In God We Trust!!!   


James 4:8, States:  Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.

There have been far too many school shootings, killings and all sorts of immoralities taking place in our schools and it need to stop. Only God can stop it, by us putting Prayers back in schools


Petition to Congress



News about Putting Prayer Back In Schools



Everything changed in 1962 when the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Engel v. Vitale, and in 1963 with the Murray v. Curlett case and Abington v. Schempp. These cases struck down the practice of prayer and Bible reading in public schools. There was no legal precedent for these decisions and they spawned a whole different climate for expressions of religion in the public square. Many more lawsuits were brought to remove God from our public places. Cities and states went even farther than the federal government, some even forbidding the word "Christmas" to be used within the school house walls because it contained the word, "Christ." Overturning 170 years of settled law, the Supreme Court had re-interpreted the meaning of the phrase, "separation of church and state" and the meaning of the word, "church."

Wanna know what happened to this Nation after they removed the two things this Great Nation was based apon?

-Pregnancies in Teen Aged Girls - By 1994 had gone up 400%-Highest rate of teen aged motherhood in the West.
-Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Cases of gonorrhea up almost 400% among students age 10 to 14.
-Two Thirds of teenage boys say they've had sex. By the time they are 18 they've had on average, 5 partners.
-Rapes committed by 13-14 year old boys increased 186%.

-Divorce rates - up 120%
-Single parent families - up 140%

-SAT scores declined sharply
-American students often place last in international scholastic competitions
- When attention focused on teachers to find the reasons for students' failure, many teachers failed certification tests.
-Dramatic increase in school violence
-Student suicides up 253%
-Students lack basic information - poor skills - bad for the business community
-Military forced to provide remedial education for recruits

-Between 1962 and 1993 violent crime in the US increased 660%
-Alcohol use increased dramatically
-National productivity decreased
-Drug use
-72 million adults functionally illiterate
-26 million can't read at all

It is the fact that if I want to bow my head and thank God for my food I can not do so out of the school's fear of me offending someone. Yet a student can pray to what ever God they wish, but I can not become offended without getting in trouble. I am a High School Senior that has gone my entire education without being able to do the things I was raised to do.  They are violating my first amendment as well.

I can't read my Bible out in the open out of the schools in America fearing a law suit when they should be fearing God!!


God Bless You...

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