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January 2023
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I need Help. I need some help with building my Website.


Seven years ago I thought of building a Super Informational Website that would be beneficial to all ages, races, religions and genders.

My dream was that the website would have information on any and everything, from the Bible, News, Sports, Entertainment, Governments, and The Stock Market, Hobbies, and Educational components. It would have Chat rooms, Photo Gallery, Videos, Movies, Music and how to links.

It would also like to have interactive capabilities to teach children from Pre-K to College, Mathematics, English and Science, also teach about money, how to manage it, how to budget, how to invest and much, much more. It would offer different Services, Personal Virtual Sectary, Virtual Accounting for small Business, CPA Services, Networking, Free Advertising, and much, much more., as you can see there  endless capabilities .

After many years I finally had this Website built in 2005 to my specifications. To accomplish my goals I know I can't do it alone. 

Up to this point I have been single handedly, inputting the data, but it is only 25% of the total information needed to put into it, to attract the many people I feel would benefit from this Website. My goal is millions of users. 

If you see a topic that you like and would like to help me populate it, even if you have a personal topic, please let me known, I would greatly appreciate it. I need all the help I can get.

I know I need help in populating the following topics as of now but will be happy to have any topic that you may seem fit for this website of information

For starters, I am requesting help to populate the following topics:

All countries including, but not limited to:

United States of America, Canada, Africa, Jamaica, England, China, India,

Items that will inform our guests:

Schools, Education, Money, Shocks, the Economy, Government, Cooking, Backing, Hubbies, Health, History, Tips on doing things, old fashion remedies, Pictures, Audio & Video Clips, Personal online secretary, Small Business assistance, Plus much, much more.

The procedure is very simple; you would type up the information in (preferably a word document) then send it in an email to me at this address on a timely basis. I will format it, and then add it to the Website. I will notify you when the update is completed.

Please stop by and visit the Website and tell me what you think about it and any suggestions you may have for improvement.

I pray every day that the Lord will give me Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding to build this Website. I am consistently working on things to add to it, but I realized that I can not do it by myself, and I need help.

At the moment this Website has an average of 100 visitors per day and 34 members. I hope that once we have added the new items our membership will increase. I am also planning to do a massive advertising campaign in 2008.

Sometime in the future I will be offering a subscription to this Website and I definitely will be sharing some on the proceeds with those who helped me.  

Thank you in advance for your help.


If you would like to help this Website with a Financial Donation of any size I would greatly appreciate it. Any donation I receive goes directly towards improving this Website for your use. Thank you in advance for your support. Please send your donation the name and address listed below:


Denham Goulbourne

8343 Roswell Road, #146

Atlanta, GA 30350

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