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January 2023
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Things To Buy

Steam Buddy (Steam Iron for $19.95)

Easy web Video Software (For $97)


Improve Memory for $29


Marketing Package for $67

Automatic Script


Shampoo Soap that get rid of Gray Hair

Organic Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar 🌴🌿 💥UP TO 65% OFF!🌿 - Freya (


Fungus Clear (


Bioshield+ to Improve your Immune System

How Many Bottles of BioShield+ Do You Want? (


To improve your immune System 7 in 1 Immune Support Booster Supplement with Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc 50mg, Vitamin D 5000 IU, Turmeric Curcumin & Ginger, Echinacea - Immunity for Adults Kids, Immune Defense (120 Capsules): Health & Personal Care


Improve Blood Circulation


Air Purifier for $14.95

Proton Pure (


Natalee Songs



Reduce you Power Bill in Half with Miriclewatt for $59

Smart Way To Save On Your Energy Bill (  


Protect your home from power outage

Free Home Solar Quote | Sunrun


Men’s Shirts

Cheap men-shirt-us-au, Fashion men-shirt-us-au Online for Sale - milamode


Transparent Mask for $19


Start a online store for $27

ShopZPresso | Live

 HD Webcam fof $18.69

1080P Webcam Full HD USB 2.0 For PC Desktop & Laptop Web Camera with Microphone - -


New Gadgets


Clear Mask for $84



Mobel Electric wheel Chair for $1,987

Portable Electric Wheelchair (


Ultimate Protection Device Against 5G Network for 3 for $39


Clear Plastic Mask with Ventilation for $19.99


Get rid of your Electric Bill


Small CPAP Machine

Free CPAP Prescription Refill with AirSense Auto CPAP - Easy Breathe


Learn Swahili for $97 (17 minutes per day)


Money Making Course for $39[Ini%20Checkout]%201to3%25%20LLA%20Buyers%20-%20US%20-%20MW%2018-65%2B%20-%20Auto&utm_content=Ebook%201-FB.02&fbclid=IwAR0iB-Ku-xQZ3-qFg_d82Q9Z2HwCNgVR4iFzrQAbKGcYH83gdoWxYJBS1dU[Ini%20Checkout]%201to3%25%20LLA%20Buyers%20-%20US%20-%20MW%2018-65%2B%20-%20Auto&utm_content=Ebook%201-FB.02&fbclid=IwAR0iB-Ku-xQZ3-qFg_d82Q9Z2HwCNgVR4iFzrQAbKGcYH83gdoWxYJBS1dU&oid=VD/SCD/V-Vi/.10


Phone Holder when Making A Video


Energy and Drive Tablet  


Play Prodigy Math             Free    For $4.99 per month


Overstock low Wholesale price cars for manufactures


Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar for $7.99


Adjustable Glasses for $22


Mask with eye Protector for $6.99 


Loose Your Big Belly for $46   


Electric Bike for $19


Portable A/C for $89


Invest $99 in Jet Token


Rechargeable AA batteries


Released Toxin and Heavy Metal


Amazon Jetstream Income for 29.95 on Amazon


Herbal Book for $37


Didgtal Marketing with Funnel for $7


Dr Ho Helps – For Sore Feet for $219.96


Survival Cane for $159


Buying Stocks 


Create your own endless water supply


Buy a Website for $17


Portable Cooler size Gridge for $27


Oint Support Knee Brace for $36


Good for Information (Herb from the Bible)


Alexia Smart Camera for $99


Alexia Devices


Alkaline Products  


23 Instantly Cool Products


CPAP Cleaner for $38


CPAP Breathing Tube for $10.39


All-In-One Organic Meal Replacement for $19.95óticos-0631656708752/dp/B07BQKW63M/ref=sr_1_108_sspa?  


 Total Control – Male Stamina for $119  


Perfect Amino (To improve you body mass which you lose) for $39.95


Son of God HD for $9.95  


Smart Wi-Fi Repeater for $39  


Smart Wi-Fi Repeater for $49


Juicer for $39


Mosquicto Repelant Braclet for $39


Gardening Book for $9.95


No down payment on cars


Men Leather Jacket


House Dresses,1724023,1349779,682066,944240,992186&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInLfjmPbR6AIVULxPCh3AYwz7EAEYASAAEgJBhPD_BwE


Funnel Template for $19


Solar Panel


Cell phone tripod with light for $59.99


Very Powerful Telescope for $44.99   


Create a instant E-Book for $27


Portable Ventilator for $495


7 Stocks to Buy


Anti-Inflammatory Pain Killer for $39   


Eliminate Fungus


Play Gulf Inside of Outside with Portable Net for $149

Golf Net Pro 10x7 ft | Portable Golf Driving Net | Indoor And Outdoor– THE GOLFER'S PICK


TB Joshua (The Best Of) - 10 Keys For Your Breakthrough


Total Control Stamina Sexual Enhancement for $44


A Simple Fix to Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea for $29


Relief your Arthritis Pain


Improve your Memory with Cognicept for $320.00  


Alkaline/Acidic Food an Drink Chart for $8.95  


Six Function Whistle


Get rid of Fungus for $69


Thousands of free movies and TV shows


Heal n Soothe for Arthritis Pain 


Outside Solar Motion Detector Light,1,2,3,4,6,8,10&ccid=%2FKNjQFkB&simid=607991266115651127&sim=11


Indoor light sensor


Motion Sensor for $29.99


Outside Motion Sensor for $34.99


Outside Siren Wit Remote Control for $58.50


Entry Door Alarm for $14.99


Computer USB Backup Devioce


LiverMD (Improve Liver Function, Cleanse the Liver and Boost Energy for $29.95)


Revitalize your Brain for $69


Immune Booster for $23.90


Pomegranate Extract for High Blood pressure for $9.75


Japanese Knotweed Improve ypor Brain by 300% for $35


Probiotics for $49


Alkaline Receipts for $47


Bionic Trimmer for $29.95 (Weed Wackier)


Mosquito Killer Lamp for $29.95


Free HD Antenna with all channels 


Keto Burn


Drive XT for Testosterone


Rotary Saw Blades Set for $12


Power Scrubber Brush Set Works with a Drill for $19.95


Fifty Shades of Gray – Book


Secret Garden – Book


Lower your Blood Pressure Safely and Naturally


Women Gurgle


Permanently Polish your Car for $19   


V Clean Spot for $3.00


Wi-Fi and Router for $26.99


Mosquito Killer for $27.99


Power Efficiency Guide


Tiniest HD Pocket Projector for $69


Slice Vegetable with Ease for $17 


Sand Free Beach Mat

Mr. Beach™ Lightweight Sand Free Beach Mat - Denpy


Super all purpose cleaner Charlotye for $3


HD Night and day glare driving Glasses for $18


Very nice men casual shoes


Free TV for $97


Free TV for $39,95  


Repair car scratch for $23.95


HD Antenna for $49 (get Free HD TV Stations) 


Xtra PC (Boost you PC speed for $39.99)


Avemar (Good for Cancer $182)


Immpower (Good for your Immune system)


Toyota Filander Corolla $1,600


Greendetox Power


Toyota Corolla for $2,000  


Carecole shoe insoles


Rotary Saw Blade Set for $9.95 

Drill Bit et for $19


SuperBeets for $39.95


Cpap Supplies


Food Peeler and Slicer for $13.99


Get Free Gardening book


Hurry Roll


Free Superfood Book


Car tool monitor


Power Efficiency Guide


Car Dashcam for $75   


Lemongrass for $7.95


Miricles From The Vault (Paperback Health cure book for $10)


Cuticle Creams


Cured (Book for $87)


The Atlas of Natural Cures (Book used for $9.80)


GreenDetox Power


New Balance Walking Shoes for $54


Alert Monitor for seniors


To Clean your Liver


The Beginners Bible


Keyboards and Synthesizers

Sledge 2 Black Edition Synthesizer with 61-Key Semi-Weighted Keyboard (


Music Store



The Black Communicator 



The Good Feet Store – Delray Beach
1550 N Federal Hwy
Delray Beach, FL 33483

(561) 266-0064  

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