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January 2023
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                   Welcome, Glory be to GOD!


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This Site is still growing, there will be a lot of additional information in the futher. We welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have. Also please send us some of your faverate sites and we will add them to this site.



Africa Site                        

Africa Online                    

Africa Guide                     

Africa PBS Site                

Africa BBC News Si         

Africa Web                 


Africa Activist                    

Introduction to Africa         

CIA information on Afric    



AirTran Airline             

800-247-8726800-247-8726 FREE

American Airline          

800-433-7300800-433-7300 FREE

Delta Airline                 

800-221-1212800-221-1212 FREE

United Airline               

800-864-8331800-864-8331 FREE                            

Frontier Airline                          



Chattanoo Georgia Fun            



Apartment Guide                       



Wells Fargo                      



Over Stock Items                          

Ebay Items for Sale                        



Books Information

Electronic Books Marketing               

Africa American Novels    




Business Information                        

Small Business Administration          

To create and get a Mailing List 
Business Software               
Business Forms ($359)                            

Business Information

Small Business Information                

Knowledge Base Business   


Buying and Selling Things

Ebay Site                              


Buying a House

Buying a House                                 

Buying a House                                 

Buying a House                                   

Real Estate Book                                 

Habit for Humanity                               

Houses Just Listed               

Pick a Mortgage                                  

No Credit, No Problem  

House Value                             

House Value                            

House Value                            

Find the Market Value of any House   




Canada Government web site           

Canada newspaper                              



Caribbean Vacation Site                         



World Changes                                                  770-210-5757770-210-5757 

Shepherd's Chapel                                       800-643-4645800-643-4645 FREE 

Ebenezer Baptist Church            

407 Auburn Avenue, N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30312

1-800-233-09701-800-233-0970 FREE

FAX 404-688-6004 

New Birth Missionary Church                

Ray of Hope                                           

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit/Chapel                

Northlake Church of Christ                    

Grace Fellowship Church                     

The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church

The Tabernacle                                      

Christ Fellowship Church                      

Church of the Holy Cross                      

For more church information please see


Christian Sites

Jesus Christ Site                                   

Christian Site                                          

To become more like Jesus                   

Christian Computing Magazine            

Christian Celebration Site                                                   1-800-329-00291-800-329-0029 FREE

The Christian Resource Network         

Christians Meeting Place        

Cynthia and Friends TV Show 1-800-566-11941-800-566-1194 FREE

Insight For Living                   

Radio and audio Bible teaching

ministry of Charles Swindoll.

The Worship Network                  



The Holy Bible                                

Bible Dictionary                                     

Bible Searches                                      

Bible Search Engine                              

Gospel Fire                                            

Gospel Flavor                                        




Georgia Tech

College Financial Aid                              

Online Colleges                           

United Negro College Fund      

College Term Papers                 


College Term Papers                 


College Term Papers                 


College Term Papers                 


College Research Papers           


College Research Papers           


GA College 411  (Helping Students Plan, Apply, and pay for College)




Fix Computers                                           

Stop Popups                               

Free Virus Scanner                     

New discount Computers                            

Refurbish Computers                                    

Quicken Accounting Software          

Internet Guide                                  

Internet Advertising                          


Internet Advertising                          

Learn the Internet                             


Web Masters Tip                               


Web Traffic                                        

101 Website Traffic                           


Unlimited Hits

Web Site Traffic                                 


Traffic Market to Place Internet Ad


Web Site Advertisers                         


Popup Advertisement                         


Stop Popups                                   


Free Web Site                             

To Purchase a Domain Na          


Register a Domain Na                      

866-734-4249 0r 866-734-4249 


Web Site Hosting                           


Website Services                             

Pay per Click                                   


Consumer Information

Clark Howard consumer information           

Compare Prices                                             




Credit Information

Free Credit Report                                 

Online Credit/Debt Scoring                    



Black Cultures                                        


Dating services

Christian singles                                     

Black singles                                            

Black People Meet                   



Decorating Information

Indoor Decorating                                 



Department Stores


Macy’s Department Store     

Sears Department Store           

Target Department Store           


Drug Store Information

Drug Store                                             


Educational Information

How Do Things Work                            

Kenyada Educational Site                     

Library of Congress                               


SAT Flash Cards                     




England Site                                  

England Photos                                     

England News                                       

England Sport                                       

CIA Information on England                       

London Site                                          



Atlanta Events                                      


Financial Information

To test your Financial Plan                              

Pre-approve credit for bad credit                    

Money Information                                          

Reviews on loans & credit cards                     

Bank interest Rates                           


FICO Credit Scores                           

Lower My Bills                                  

$100 - $1500 Loan until Payday           

Save Wealth Web Site                   

Right of the Money                            


Fitness Information

Work Out Video                                                   



Alkaline Food                                

Alkaline & Acidic Food                            


Free Stuff

Free Credit Report                                      

Free Stuff                                                      

Free Web Site Promotions                           


Georgia State 

Georgia State Site                                          

Georgia Web Site                             

Georgia Government Web Site     

Georgia Secretary of State Web Site         


Georgia Investment Web Site      

Georgia sheriffs Association          

Georgia Web Site                          
Georgia Department of Labor                  
Georgia Department of
Community Affair                           
Georgia State Park & Lodges                     
Georgia Kingsland Coastal Course

Global Network Information is a Web Site that is Dedicated to Jesus Christ and Christians all over the world.

This Site promotes Networking Globally and it provides a wide range of Free Information for all ages. 

This Site was designed with you in mind so you can find whatever you are looking for fast and easy.

If you do not find what you are looking for or if you would like you add any information to this site or if you would like to add your web site or favorite sites to this site as a link, please send us a email at and we would be glad to do it for you. 

This Site does not promotes any for of profanity or pornography.  


Government Agencies

Central Investigation Agency  (CIA)           

Federal Beau Investigation     (FBI)         


Government Services

Georgia Government Web Site   

Social Security Administration           

Government School Grants               


USA Government  

USA Government                       

The White House                                                      http://www.whitehouse.govYour                                          

Guide to US Government                                             

US Government Official Web Portal            


US Government References & General Information 


US Government Services Database               


US Government Benefits, Grants & Financial Aid                

US Government Jobs, Education & Volunteerism    

US Government Voting & Elections                            


US Citizenship & Immigration Services                    


US Citizenship & Immigration Services (forms & fees)


US Citizenship & Immigration Services

(Welcome to US Guide for new Immigrants)           


Harbour View Community 

Harbour View Site                             



Cancer Information                             

Doctors Guide to the Internet              

Free Guide about you Heart      

Health Touch                                       

Health Manual                                    

Health Care Site                          

More Energy and Fight Fatigue      

1-800-258-68471-800-258-6847 FREE

Nutrition Express                              

Nutrition Guide Site             


Essential Health Productions

Health Monitor                       

Health Grades, Inc                 

Health & Nutrition                                           

Atlanta Age Management Medicine

(Slow-down the signs of aging)                                             

Natural Cures (Health Book)  $14                    

Nat’l Jewish Medical and Research Center             

Find Cancer Experts                                         

Global Leader in Lung Allergic &

Immune Diseases.

Save up to 80% on dental work.                           

Personal MD Site                                               

Doctors Guide on the Internet.                             

Home Doctor                                





Stop Snoring                                  



Diabetes Web Site           

Goji Juice Video             

Best Comfort Food in US Cities 

How to boost your Health and loose weight  

All Natural Supplements, Herbs and More…


12 in 1 Multivitamin                                     


Stop Smoking treatment that really work       


Holy Land, The

The Holy Land Site                                     

The Hold Land Experience                         

The Holy Land Photos                                 


Home Businesses

Home Business                                      

Work from Home                                    


Home Improvements

Get Home Projects Done                         

Home Improvement                  




Houses for Sale

Luxury Homes                                                     

Free house listing for Sale                                         

Houses for sale, Best Schools, Free Realtors Assistantance

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)

No Down Payment Program                                                                       ttp://   

No Money Down (book)                                            


India Newspaper                                                                                                            

CIA information on India                       


Informational Web Sites

World Information                                


Internet Information

Download Software                                

Free Web Site Information                      

Internet Answering Machine                    

Links to Sale                                            


To Check a Domain Name or Register it 

Yahoo Site                                             

Engine Articles                     
Ewen Chia Web Site
(Online Marketing)                                            
Domain Sales, Hosting & Servic                       
Web Site Hosting ($4.95/Mth)                          
Internet Tutorial                                                 
Web Site Editor                                                 
Graphic Tutorial                                               


Term Life Insurance                                            1-866-703-23221-866-703-2322 FREE

Low Insurance Rates                                          


Internet Providers

American Online                               

Blue Light                                            

Earth Link                                            

Web Design                                         

Internet Advertising                

Internet Advertising                


Investing Information

Investing Information Service             

Inverting web Site                   


Fidelity Inverting Broker           


401k Inverting                            



Jamaica Site                                         

Jamaica News Paper                           

Jamaica Web Site                  

Jamaica Home Coming Site                  


Jamaica Real Realty                            

Jamaica Reggae Boys             

Visit Jamaica                             

Discover Jamaica                     

Jamaicans Website                     


Jamaica Photo Gallery                 


Jamaica Vacation Packages 


Jamaica Travel Guide                         


Jamaica, Ocho Rios all inclusive Hotel Packages


Jamaica, Ocho Rios Hotel Deals and Trip Advisor 


Jamaica Vacations                   


Shop USA from Jamaica           


Jamaica, Negril Beach               


Ship To Jamaica (Ba               


Job Hunting

Job Listings                                           

Job Listings                                           

Job Listing                                            

Job Listings                                           

Job Listings                                           

Job Listings                                           

Vault   (Jobs Seekers & Career Information)

Resume Writing                        

Resume Faxing Service                         

Resume Faxing Service                           



Get up to $500 overnight until pay day 

Loan for anything                                     



Lending Tree (Loans)             


Making Money

Making Money Site                                  

Making Money                                          

Making Money                                          

Make Money on the Internet.           

American Cash Flow Institute

Money Making Opportunities.


Media       (TV, Motion Pictures)

ABC Site                                               

CBS Site                                               

Multi Media Station                             

NBC Site                                               

Broadcast Site                      


Mortgage Information

Mortgage Quotes                                    

Mortgage, Equity & Debt Consolidation 

Mortgage (Rates as low as 2.9%)

Pick a Mortgage                        



Top 10 Movies                      

Top 250 Movies                    

Movie Listings                                       

Movie Preview Site                              

Movies Site                                            

MSN Video                             




In Sight for Living                             


Security Self Defense Products


Security hidden Cameras       

List of Popular Categories     

How Does Stuff Works    



Top 40 Pop Music             

Billboard Top Hits             

Unlimited Music Downloads  

Unlimited Christian Music Download


News Media 

ABC News                                              

11 Alive News                                         

CBS News                                               

Fox News                                                

General News                                          

MSNBC News                          

World News                                               


News Papers 

Atlanta Journal Constitution                        

Atlanta Journal Constitution Classifieds 

Dallas Newspaper                         



Like My Photo                                         

Black American Pictures, 1900

Native American Pictures, 1887-1914

Baseball Cards, 1887-1914

Civil War Pictures

Photo Catalog                         



Bill Clinton Site                                       

George Bush Site                                     


Radio Stations

Delilah Radio Show (Atlanta)               

94.9 Lite FM

Jazz Radio Station 91.9 FM       

97.1 Jams Radio Station  (Atlanta)  

Hot 105 (Atlanta)                                 

Atlanta Radio Station V-103  

107.5 WJZZ Jazz Radio Station (Atlanta)  

New Orleans Jazz 90.7 FM                

Jamaican Radio Station                       

Jamaica Radio Station.             

Radio Station                                                 

Yahoo Radio                              


Real Estate Information

Buying a House                                     

Buying a House                                      

U.S. Government Houses for Sale


Real Estate Investor                 

To find out the Market Value of a House               

Real Estate Investor                            

Property Automation                             

Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, Inc     

Land Auction                                         

Aerial view of and Address                                 

Real Estate Club                                                 

Do It Yourself Home Remodeling                         

DeKalb Property Tax Web Site                           

Home Inspection                                              

Real Estate Book                                                                       

Real Estate Course (Buy with no Credit $97)            


Real Estate Club                                                


Real Estate Radio Show                                     


100% Mortgage Financing Specialist                  


Need a Contractor                        
Need a Contractor in Georgia      
Need a Home Builder                          
Home Popular                      
Home Remodeling               



Jesus Christ Site                              

Our Daily Bread                                

The WWW Bible Gateway                

Harvest online                                   

The religious Society of Friends        



Top of page 


Resumes Faxing Service                         

Resumes Faxing Service                           


Search Engines

Google Search Engine                             

Powerful Search Engine                           

ABC Search Engine                                 

Yellow page (Restaurant, move, shopping, etc)   

Bizrate Search Engine                      


Selling Your House

Owner Selling Their House                    



To Start Your Own Medical Billing           


Shopping Sites

Shopping Site                        

Shopping Site                                        

Shopping Site                                       

Shopping Site                                       

Shopping Site                                        

Nearly New Site                                     

Shopping Site                                        

Home Shopping Network            

Caribbean Shopping           

Clothing Stores Site                  

Smart Bargains Web Site       

Overstock Web Site                                 

Sears Department store           



CBS Sports                                            

Atlanta Beat Women's Soccer                                          404-249-6400404-249-6400 

Atlanta Braves Baseball                                                   404-577-9100404-577-9100

Atlanta Falcons Football                                                  404-249-6400404-249-6400

Atlanta Hawks Basketball                                                     404-249-6400404-249-6400

Atlanta Thrashers Hockey                                             404-584-PUCK404-584-PUCK

National Basketball Association           

National Football League                      

National Hockey League                        

The Masters Golf Tournament                                                        706-667-6700706-667-6700 

Georgia State Sports                             

Georgia State                                                                              404-651-2071404-651-2071

Georgia Tech                                                                           404-894-5447404-894-5447

University of Georgia                                                                     706-542-1621706-542-1621 



Buy and Hold   Buy stocks online           

Bottom Fishing                                      

African-American Financial Advice        

NASDAQ Site                                         

New York Stock Exchange Site              

Stock Information                                    

Stock Information                                    

Stock Builder                                            

Stock Market Secrets Revealed                 

Stock Quotes                                         

Stock Site                                                

Smart Money Site                                 

CBS Market Watch Site                          

Charles Schwab Site                              

Direct Investing Site                                

Gift of Stock                                             

Initial Purchase Offer                                

Initial Purchase Offer Site                        

MSNBC Sit                                              

Money Paper                                           

Motley Fools Site                                     

Motley Fools School                                  

Motley Fools Compression Table       

Wise Trade                                             

Stock Information                       

To Track Stocks                        



Telephone Information

Dial Free Calls                                         

Low cost Long Distance Calls               

Yellow & White Pages                

People search & Phone numbers 


Television Stations


Fox 5                                                    

Enhanced TV                                        

TV Station                                             

TV Station                                             

WSBTV Station                                     


Travel Information

Travel Site                                          

Travel Site                       

Travel Discount Club                        

Cheap Tickets                       

Last Minute Travel Site                        

Travel the Road Web Site                                

Islands Travel Guide                                            

Easy Click Travel                                                  

Travel Zoo                                                             



Jamaica Travel Guide                         



America Intercontinental University                                         

University of Illinois                     


Columbia University in New York 

University of California Berkeley 


USA  (United States of America)

USA Site                                              

USA City Link                                        

USA News Paper                                  

USA Army                                             

USA Immigration Agency                           

USA Telephone Directory                           

U.S. Small Business Administration 

The Federal Government Sit                          

The Democratic Party                                 

The Republican Party                                  



Habit for Humanity                                   

Volunteers of America                   

Volunteers of America Southeast           




Jamaica Vacation Packages 


Jamaica Travel Guide                         


Jamaica, Ocho Rios all inclusive Hotel Packages    


Jamaica, Ocho Rios Hotel Deals and Trip Advisor 


Jamaica Vacations                    


Jamaica, Negril Beach                          


Work From Home

Work from home                     

Work from home                   

Work from home                     

Work at Home Moms                  


Work at Home (home Job Stop) 


Work at Home (Top 25)                                          


Work at Home (Data Entry, $99 to join)                   


Work at Home (Express Mom)                               


Work at Home                                                      

Mystery Shopper                                               

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